Line Marking

Speedie Spray and Hydraulics is one of a few national line marking distributors within Australia. Speedie’s are the only South Australian based line marking distributor to have supplied the Graco Dual Colour Line Stripers to councils within the Adelaide area. Dual Colour Line Markers have the capability of spraying two colours at the same time. This is because Dual Colour Line Markers are designed with two pumps and hoppers plus extra features to apply two different colours at once. You would see these units at locations such as airports or roadways that require two colours next to each other.

We sell a large range of line markers, here’s three of our most popular…


Graco LineLazer HS130

The Graco LineLazer HS130 is a Line Striper that can run 2 guns at 0.029″ and 1 gun at 0.037″ with a max flow rate of 4.9 LPM. Being hydraulically operated, this Line Marker is both lightweight for its capacity and has long service intervals with its slow stroking hydraulic drive.

Graco LineLazer ES1000

The Graco LineLazer ES1000 is powered by battery. This unique feature gives the operator the benefit of diversifying their work. The ES100, being battery powered is silent when being used as there is no petrol motor. The advantage of this is you can now apply lines in the middle of the night within a built-up area and no one knows your there working away. Ideal for warehouses where petrol engines are not allowed inside or working underground. The Graco LineLazer ES100 has a max tip size of 0.025″ and a flow rate of 2.3 LPM. This unit can apply around 80 litres of paint on one charge. Add a second battery and double that capacity.

Titan PowerLiner 3500

The Titan PowerLiner 3500 is the ideal Line Striper for painter who wants to diversify their business or the Line Marker who needs a smaller, but powerful performer. This unit is powered by a Honda GX120 Engine with a max tip size of 0.027″ and a flow rate of 2.8 LPM. The Titan PowerLiner will work all day.

We sell, service and repair all brands of self-propelled, push behind, stand behind and line drivers. At Speedie’s we do not hand you a big box and walk away. We assemble, commission, and train our customers on these specialised products. Check out our specials page to see what deals we’re doing on line marking units.