Graco designs and manufactures thousands of fluid handling products and solutions. They are known for hardy and reliable equipment that saves time and delivers high quality results and we are one of the leading companies for Graco airless sales and repairs in Adelaide.

Speedie’s recognises the proven quality and reliability of the Graco Brand and is proud to be an Authorised Graco Service and Repair Agent. We have had extensive training in the capabilities of Graco’s range of airless spray equipment, with this we can make sure you purchase the right unit for your needs. Our team has also undergone both in person and online technical training and after years of experience, have a deep understanding of the inner working’s of every aspect of the Graco airless. This gives us the advantage in being able to fault trace and repair your machine in a timely manor, thus keeping any repair costs down.

We sell Graco equipment including

  • Spray guns and sprayers for demanding architectural painting and coating work
  • Texture and skim coat sprayers and for professional plasterboard finishing and interior texture contractors
  • Roof coat sprayers
  • Entry level line marking equipment
  • Line marker LineDrivers
  • Dual line colour stripers
  • Cordless, powered loading pumps to fill all automatic taping and finishing tools
  • Lubrication and fluid transfer pumps
  • Hose reels, fluid distribution guns and flow meters
  • All the accessories required to getting the best end product from your airless and also maintaining the inner workings so your unit will work when you need it and keep making you money for longer

At Speedie’s we do not hand you a big box and walk away. We assemble, commission, and train our customers on these specialised products. Check out our specials page to see what we’ve currently got on offer.

We service all Graco Airless equipment, no matter how old.

Graco Authorised Distributor and Service Agent