Wagner is the world leader in the number of spray guns produced in the world due to their global reach in the Contractor, Industrial and DIY Retail divisions. Wagner airless spray units are made using the latest techology and are constantly striving to improve the quality and useability of their product.

Speedie’s recognises the proven quality and reliability of the Wagner Brand and is proud to be an Authorised Wagner Service and Repair Agent. As a part of this we have been invited to specialist training sessions and have a strong working relationship with both the sales team and the technical division so any issue that arises can be delt with quickly and throughly with an open line of comunnication between Wagner, us as the service agent and yourself as the end user.

We sell Wagner equipment including

  • Piston airless sprayers
  • Diaphragm airless sprayers
  • XVLP finishing units
  • Line marking units
  • Titan hydraulic driven airless sprayers
  • Conventional C.A.T guns
  • DIY hand held sprayers
  • Wagner Flexio units
  • Heat guns
  • Steamers
  • Painting accessories i.e. drop cloths, rollers, masking products
  • All the tips, filters and accessories required to getting the best end product from your airless

At Speedie’s we do not hand you a big box and walk away. We assemble, commission, and train our customers on these specialised products. Check out our specials page to see if there’s a deal for you.

We service all Wagner Airless equipment, no matter how old.

Wagner Service
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