Look after your airless!

Your airless is what keeps your business running and keeps the money coming in, the least you can do it give it a little love every now and then!

Leaving water in your pump is one of the biggest causes of down time and lost production that we come across. From something as minor as a valve getting stuck due to the water evaporating to larger issues like electrolysis and corrosion that will require major parts to be replaced on top of the seal kit that has been chewed up due to the abrasive area they’ve been operating in, it can become quite costly.

While not all of the issues are expensive problems to fix they will cost you precious spraying time once you’ve got everything set up and ready to go. For as little as $25+GST you can get yourself some Graco Pump Armor or Wagner All Guard and limit the damage and potential downtime something as simple as leaving water in the pump can cause.